The Four Prophetic Gospels.

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The Four Prophetic Gospels.
Alejandro Roque Glez
Language: English.
Publisher: Alejandro's Libros.
Publication: 10/26/2012
ISBN-13: 978-1480086135
ISBN 10: 1480086134
5.5 x 8.5 (146 p.)

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In the present work we offer you the chapters on the Four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John located in the New Testament and the important biblical prophecies enclosed in them.

If the reader examines the Christian Gospels from the biblical point of view and not only doctrinal, it is not difficult to notice that Jesus’ ministry was largely prophetic and something inexplicable to understand why this is not deservedly examined as such in the established churches and congregations. The Son of God constantly rallied us forward into his Coming surrounded by angels, the signs of the times and the heavens, the importance of Jerusalem to his Kingdom, about the eternal fire, weddings, final harvest, the narrow gate and door to enter; that is to say, prophesying in relation to the events reserved and approaching our present time, as we would be the ones witnessing all at once, in a single generation; and often bringing quotes from Major and Minor Prophets, even mentioning some of them by name, such as Daniel, Jonah, Moses and Elijah.


- Introduction to the Book.
- Intertestamental Reflection.
- The Gospel of Saint Matthews.
- The Gospel of Saint Mark.
- The Gospel of Saint Luke.
- The Gospel of Saint John.
- Post-Gospel Summary.
- Graphs.
- About the Author.

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