Son of David


Christ = הודי

Coming in 2024!

The book Son of David: Christ = יהודי (Jew) compiles the soul of a people chosen by Yahweh to bring us His Word revealed by the Verb of God, into a world sincere in its whims and evils, although separated from a friendly Creator, who loved them at the moment of their creation with a certain divine purpose; but in most of its history it has insisted on preferring to crawl on the ground's surface without having to measure great heights, or travel in the heavenly chariots.


-Prologue of the author—7.

-Son of David—11.

-Only One God—33.

-Superzionism: Replacement Theory; Kingdom of the Twenty-Four; and Two Flows: One Path—47.

-The Promised Land: from Moses to Yehoshua—89.

-Innocent Martyrdoms—147.

-Sacraments and Worship of Relics—169.

-Sleights and Deification of the Sabbath—197.

-Israel's Rejection of its Messiah Yeshua of Nazareth; and Preaching to the Jews—211.

-End Times Anti-Semitism; and The Thousands of Jews Who Believed Christ—233.

-Peace Treaty and Judgment in The Valley of Jehoshaphat—255.

-Those Who are Diffidents Will Have No Part in The Fierce Vervain. God's Chosen People, Prepare and Fight The Formidable Battle—279.

-Our God! May Your Kingdom Come; Son of David: Remember Me—289.

-About the Author—296.

-Images and Quotes Included in The Book—297.

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