"Earth, Earth, Earth! Hear the Word of Yahweh."

Earth, Earth, Earth! Hear the Word of Yahweh at Alejandro's Libros

"Earth, Earth, Earth! Hear the Word of Yahweh."
Alejandro Roque Glez
Language: English.
Publisher: Alejandro's Libros.
Publication: 10/28/2012
ISBN-13: 978-1480115996
ISBN 10: 1480115991
7 x 10 (464 p.)

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[Note: The author wrote this book while still in Cuba, over three decades ago. In the year 2012 the book was revised again]

In this book "Earth, Earth, Earth! Hear the Word of Yahweh" we offer you all the important Bible prophecies from Genesis to Revelation which point towards the establishment of the promised Kingdom revealed through these great men of God inspired by the Lord's Holy Spirit; and who devoted much of their lifetime experiencing sufferings and hardships, while leaving us plenty of written work about what the future might bring to us and how it shall unveil the Plan of God in human history, till the present time.

It is not a small book; thus, it can be obtained in separate easy-to-carry study books (as paperbacks and/or digitals), which includes: 


-Prophecies in the Pentateuch.
-Book of Genesis.
-Book of Exodus.
-Book of Leviticus.
-Book of Numbers.
-Book of Deuteronomy.
-Book of Joshua.
-Book of Ruth.
-Book of Samuel (1 and 2 ).
-Book of Kings (1 and 2).
-Book of Chronicles (1st).
-Book of Job.
-Book of Psalms.
-Book of Proverbs.
-Book of Ecclesiastes.
-Book of the Song of Solomon.
-Major Prophets of the Old Testament.
-Book of Isaiah.
-Book of Jeremiah.
-Book of Ezekiel.
-Book of Daniel.
-Minor Prophets of the Old Testament.
-Book of Hosea.
-Book of Joel.
-Book of Amos.
-Book of Obadiah.
-Book of Jonah.
-Book of Micah.
-Book of Nahum.
-Book of Habakkuk.
-Book of Zephaniah.
-Book of Haggai.
-Book of Zechariah.
-Book of Malachi.
-Intertestamental Reflection.
-Prophecies in the New Testament.
-Gospel of Saint Matthews.
-Gospel of Saint Mark.
-Gospel of Saint Luke.
-Gospel of Saint John.
-Post-Gospel Summary.
-Revelation of Saint John.
-The Lost Time.
-About the Author.

It includes images_paintings.


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