Suffering, Love, and Hope: A True Lifetime Story.

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Suffering, Love, and Hope: A True Lifetime Story.
Alejandro Roque Glez
Language: English.
Publisher: Alejandro's Libros.
Publication: 06/14/2013
ISBN-13: 978-1480155831
ISBN-10: 1480155837
6 x 9 (152 p.)

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Suffering, Love, and Hope: A True Lifetime Story is a biography that circumstantially shows us the Taylor's family life from the perspective of a narrator who happens to be the mother of its few members. Her story is full of memories, nostalgia, longings, plans that never turned out as desired, and others that came to destination in order to be achieved. Peeked struggles which were never requested nor solicited and tears that were not either called for.

She meets the man of her entire life and married him two years later. In the year 1946, ending the World War II and beginning of the historically so called Cold War between the Socialist and Capitalist camps, under great tension in a very volatile area, her husband departs as a young soldier to the Korean Peninsula, and this just five days after being married, never to be seen both again for over twenty four months. Years ahead unknowingly another tragedy awaited them, her only son was born premature and his eyes burned all while being left in a hospital incubator, becoming totally blind for the rest of his life...

P/D=> The main character of this biography-testimony recently passed away, in the year 2016.


-Chapter I: Meeting the Taylors. 
-Chapter I: Those Years. 
-Chapter III: Holding Hands. 
-Chapter IV: Suffering and Hopes.
-Chapter V: Moving Forward with a Renewed Faith.
-Chapter VI: The Truth is Revealed. 
-About the Author. 
It includes pictures and documents as well.

TAGS: The Taylor Family, Blue Rocky Ridge Mountains, Great Depression, Maryland State, Florida, United States, Korean War, Baguio Concentration Camp in the Philippines,  Love, Faith, Hope, Life

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