Mary Celestial.

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Mary Celestial.
Alejandro Roque Glez
Language: English.
Publisher: Alejandro's Libros.
Publication: 03/9/2013
ISBN-13: 978-1480169654
ISBN 148016965X
5.5 x 8.5 (92 p.)

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Mary Celestial is beautiful, full of vivacity, charm and sadness. She has been drifted away in her luck, pushed by the wind of time with its deceptive enchasings, once her parents both tragically died in a car accident; but the fate of this young woman takes an unexpected turn when she meets John Hope. The author resides in South Florida, United States. Among his writings are the literary novels 'Adventures of Victorino Chang,' 'The Great Peacemaker from Hell' and 'The King Victorino.' 


 -First Act. 
 -Second Act. 
 -Third Act. 
 -Fourth Act. 
 -Fifth Act. 
 -Sixth Act. 
 -Seventh Act. 
 -Eighth Act. 
 -About the Author. 

Mary Celestial.

Actors and main characters:

- Mary Celestial.
- Robert Strong.
- John Hope.
- Lady Martina Prudent.
- Sister Doña Lettycia.
- Oscar Temper, the Senior servant.
- Milany Legal, palace's maid.
- Puchunguita Mellow, palace's maid.
- Doggy Piropo.
- Cat Mommy.
- A Choir of fourteen angels.
- Demon 1 Menelao.
- Demon 2 Mercurio.

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