Persecution. The Struggles of Apollos and Priscilla.

Persecution. The Struggles of Apollos and Priscilla at alejandroslibros.com

Persecution: The Struggles of Apollos and Priscilla.

Alejandro Roque Glez
Printed edition 2017.
Language: English.
Publisher: Alejandro's Libros
ISBN-13: 978-1514853467
ISBN-10: 1514853469
6 x 9 (244 p.)

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"-Sister and dear Priscilla, humankind has done nothing more than walk blindly in cycles of violence and abandonment of God. When certain periods of peace have overtaken them, in one way or another they soon disapprove that gift of freedom and then are thrown down into the slope of debauchery, sodomy, barbaric secularism, and rejection of the divine—Karoli explains."
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In Persecution: The Struggles of Apollos and Priscilla a group of missionaries tours once again the churches which are components of their Liberated Ministry. Apollos, the group's leader, leads them through a trip that includes twelve countries and different cities and towns: Mexico, Venezuela, Egypt, India, Russia, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Britain, Canada and the United States, now part of the North American region. There is always the danger of offering and giving their lives in the name of Christ, like the first apostles who followed the Lamb of God wherever he could take them; filled with the Holy Spirit and power emanating from the third heaven.

Thousands if not millions, thanks to them, hear the Gospel of the Good News and surrender their lives to the Giver and Creator of existence itself. Persecution, struggles and obstacles in their way, miracles, dangers of all kinds, sufferings, betrayals, hate, love and hopes, new brothers in the faith, and a whole whirlwind of events under the establishment of the New International Order led by the world's leading Nimrodis; now publicly proclaimed messiah, and known by Christians as the Antichrist.

In this futuristic novel that in occasions appears as immediate and present, the Word of God is manifested with an extraordinary power which often is a reminiscent of those times during the apostles of Christ. Here prisoners are released, the sick healed miraculously, and leaders like Putinov stunned against the man of God Enoch. Rebels like Aanchal and her stalwart boyfriend Laghuvi Chain surrender their weapons to the Creator of love, Priscilla rises from the dead, and thousands are freed from slavery to the fear of an uncertain future; also, among other amazing works, Apollos resurrects and the Holy Spirit restores the speech to child Severiano.

Time is short and urges; thus, at the end of their trip Apollos and Priscilla, united in their destiny, witness the beginning of a nuclear holocaust and the satisfaction of accomplishment, remembering the words of their teacher when in the land of Galilee he declared: "I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believes in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live" (John 11:25).

The End of Ages and Times is upon all and the door has been closed for many! God's missionaries have set in motion and the world will have to listen.


-Chapter I:
-Chapter II:
-Chapter III:
Apollos, Jonah, Enoch, Matthew and Mercedes begin their Missionary Journey through Mexico and Venezuela.
-Chapter IV:
 Apollos and the Missionaries Matthew, Mercedes, and Enoch arrive in Egypt.
-Chapter V:
 The Missionaries Apollos and Enoch arrive in India where they are betrayed.
-Chapter VI:
 Arrival to the Russian Federation; encounter with Putinov and Departure of the Missionary Enoch.
-Chapter VII:
 Rome: Apollos and Priscilla.
-Chapter VIII:
 Apollos and Priscilla, together in life and love, both depart heading into Germany, and face The New Rosicrucians.
-Chapter IX:
 The March of Apollos and Priscilla through the chaotic France.
-Chapter X:
 Apollos and Priscilla get into Spain; and the Prince of Missionaries confronts the Antichrist Nimrodis.
-Chapter XI:
 The Race of Apollos, Priscilla, and young Eustacio by Britain and Canada in their return to the North American region.
-Chapter XII:
 The Testament of Apollos.
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Persecution. The Struggles of Apollos and Priscilla at alejandroslibros.com
International tour of the missionaries members of the Liberated Ministry.

Persecution. The Struggles of Apollos and Priscilla at alejandroslibros.com
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